Gehmacher – A Family Company.

Gehmacher is a family company that can look back on a rich history. The shop started off with providing products for all bedding needs as well as curtains. Over the years, the look entirely changed.

The house at the Alter Markt in Salzburg downtown was first mentioned in 1364. Over the years, ownership of the house changed often. In 1893, Max Gehmacher took over the cloth & silk shop, which was started by Franz Spängler in 1743, and continued to run the business. About 20 years later the house was also bought and thoroughly renovated by Max Gehmacher. The house stayed in this condition and the main characteristics remain until today.

For his 70th birthday in 1928, Max Gehmacher passed on the company to his two sons Max jun. and Karl Gehmacher. They were able to lead the business through World War 2 without serious damage. In the early 1950s Karl’s son Otto Gehmacher took on the management of the firm.

Over the years, the product range of the shop regularly changed in order to be in lign with changing living trends. In the 80s, for instance, a souvenir deparment was launched in order to serve the many international tourists visiting Salzburg. In 1990, Helmut Gehmacher, Otto and Lydia Gehmacher’s son, entered the business and took it over a few years later. The entire shop changed again substantially when his wife Heidi Gehmacher entered the company in 1992. Their daughter Julia Gehmacher got involved in the business in 2018.

Today Gehmacher is known for its beauty and the unique atmosphere. It is a place to dive into a dream world and get to relax, linger and enjoy. The product range is very diverse: Home interior, furniture, fashion, books, home accessoires… Change is the philosphy! Regularly the products are adapted to the time. In addition to the variety in products, the personal advice and the comfortable service create a unique experience.


History of the House “Alter Markt 2”

Rudolfskai 10 House 20

  • 1364 – First mention of the House as “Chrum am Markt bey der Thür ob dem Weincheler” owned by the brothers Chunrads Hartneyd andPeter des Teysingers.
  • 1473 – Margaret, Heinrichs Gäumüllers’ daughter, sells the house to Balthasar , Melchior and Jeronymus the Dachauers.
  • 14851490 – the “Gutrachters” rent the house.
  • 1525 – Melchior Dachauer sells the house to Christof Gutrachter Ausferg zu Laufen.
  • 1528 – his widow and the sons Hans und Virgil sell the house to their cousin Christof Unterholzer, the “Spitlmeister”.
  • 1597 – Ruprecht Unterholzer, merchant form Nuremberg, sells the house to the merchant Simon Steinparz.
  • 1639 – the house is devolved to Hanns Khellenperger, a merchant.
  • 1668 – the doctor Franz Khimpfler appears as owner.
  • 1687 – Dr. Adam Loßpichler f. Leibmedicus buys the house.
  • 1743 – Johann Loßpichler sells the house to the merchant Franz Anthony Spängler.
  • 1893 – Max Gehmacher rents the house and purchases it a few years later. Since then it has been in ownership of the Gehmacher family.